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Cadet Programs

Columbia Composite Squadron has a strong Cadet Program earning the Quality Cadet Unit Award several times in the last five years. In CAP, cadet life is divided into four areas: Leadership, Aerospace, Fitness and Character.


CAP Cadet Leaders


One mission of CAP is to develop the leaders of tomorrow. Our cadets learn followership and leadership through:

> following Air Force traditions
> leading meetings and drill practice
> giving presentations to the squadron
> participating in encampments
> volunteering in service-learning projects





CAP Cadet Leaders

As an auxiliary of the United States Air Force, CAP provides cadets with a foundation in aerospace that includes the visionaries from yesterday and today. Cadets have the opportunity to:

> study the pioneers of the field and hear from industry leaders of today
> learn basic aerodynamics by performing hands-on experiments
> participate in CyberPatriot programs
> take five powered orientation flights and five glider flights
> visit civilian and military airports, museums and aircraft
> learn about a variety of aerospace, cyber and stem related career fields
> apply for flight academies




To progress in CAP, cadets must demonstrate a specific level of physical fitness in the Presidential Youth Fitness Program. Cadets:

> participate in monthly fitness activities during a weekly meeting
> practice drill and ceremony
> can apply to participate on the CCS cadet competition team to compete against other squadrons in the state, region and nation








All CAP activities reflect our core values of Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence and Respect. The desired outcome is for cadets to develop a personal code of honor and the moral reasoning skills necessary to make tough decisions. To guide cadets through this process, CAP uses:

> Academics
> Discussion forums
> Mentoring
> Service projects



The national CAP website describes the Cadet Program in great detail. We welcome questions from prospective cadets and parents, please contact us and we will reach out to you with additional information.

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