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Aerospace Education

Aerospace Education ClassColumbia Composite has a national award-winning Aerospace Education program.

For nine years in a row, Columbia has received the Aerospace Excellence Award from CAP National Headquarters. This includes cadets experiencing an aviation museum, building models that fly, learning through hands-on projects, videos, and guest speakers.

Our goal is to encourage youth to consider a career in aerospace where many of the top engineers, technicians, and managers are getting ready to retire.

Aerospace is fascinating to youth and adults alike. Columbia works hard as a squadron to have each adult member (senior member) study and take the Gen. Chuck Yeager aerospace test and receive the award for a broad base of aerospace knowledge.

Our cadets are further challenged to read and give oral reports. You may have heard the old saying that “Leaders are Readers” and “If you don’t learn from history you are likely to experience it again.” We want our cadets to learn from the lives of famous and successful leaders.

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