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Opportunities for Pilots

If you are a licensed pilot, Civil Air Patrol has many excellent opportunities available to you.

Emergency Services—Civil Air Patrol performs about 95% of Air Force assigned search and rescue in the United States, and we also assist a variety of other federal, state, and local agencies with aerial support. Licensed pilots can become qualified to fly as transport and/or mission pilots through our program, and we have regular hands-on training events throughout the year to sharpen skills and ensure mission readiness.

Cadet Orientation Flights—Each cadet is entitled to five orientation flights, or O-Rides. These flights follow a syllabus that gives each cadet a deeper understanding of aircraft theory and handling. Helping young people gain a love of aviation is one of the most rewarding parts of being a pilot in Civil Air Patrol!

Fly A Teacher Program—Part of Civil Air Patrol’s Aerospace Education mission includes a Fly A Teacher Program that is designed to get K-12 teachers into the air, and also provides them with a box full of aerospace education resources for their students.

Other Opportunities—Civil Air Patrol provides a number of other opportunities for pilots, including exercises with the Air Force, aerial assistance to law enforcement, and a growing involvement in homeland security.

Interested in learning more? Read the FAQs for Pilots.


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