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Officer Program

                        Officer Program


In Civil Air Patrol lingo that means adults. We also call adults “Senior Members.”

If you join at the age of 18 or older, you join Civil Air Patrol as an adult. (Cadets can retain their cadet classification until they turn 21.)

Adults can become involved with our squadron in one of two membership categories: senior members or cadet sponsors.

Cadet sponsors can travel with the cadets on field trips, assist in chaperone duties and work with the cadets at squadron meetings.

Senior members enjoy an expanded role and are able to progress in grade, following the same grade structure as the US Air Force. The first achievement is Second Lieutenant, and the highest is Major General, which is reserved for the National Commander. We have several people in our squadron who have achieved Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col), which is the highest grade you can reach without serving as a Wing Commander.

Senior Members can also select one or more Specialty Tracks and work toward becoming a Technician, a Senior, or a Master in that specialty.

The CAP Specialty Tracks offer something of interest for nearly everyone:
Personnel Officer
Public Affairs Officer
Finance Officer
Inspection Officer
Senior Program Officer
Administration Officer
Logistics Officer
Flight Operations Officer
Operation Officer
Standardization/Evaluation Officer
Emergency Services Officer
Communications Officer
Aerospace Education Officer
Cadet Program Officer
Safety Officer
Plans and Programs Officer
Legal Officer
Medical Officer
Character Development Instructor
Commanding Officer

See CAP Pamphlet P7 for details. 

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