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A Quick Guide to CAP

Every organization has it's own culture and jargon - CAP is no exception! Our goal with this knowledge base is to provide our members with easy access to a small portion of what is available on the National CAP website. 

  • CAP Indexes, Regulations & ManualsEverything you need to know from how to wear the uniform, duty assignments and more.
  • CAP FormsA quick list of all CAP forms - make note of Form F160 - Health History Form. Carry this with you at all times!
  • CAP PamphletsThese documents describe positions, orientation outlines and more.
  • Emergency Services OverviewThis is the home page for the Emergency Services program overview. Start here and click on the sidebar links for additional resources.
  • Ops Quals Basics: Before you can start in Emergency Services, you need basic qualifications. The system can be confusing, so this page will give an overview of the process.
  • Volunteer University: Online training for Senior Members.
  • McChord Ribbon Rack BuilderOnline tool to help you get your ribbons in the correct order.
  • Vanguard: Online resource for purchasing uniform items. You can also check eBay and local military surplus stores.

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