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Columbia Composite Squadron - Command Emphasis

Commander 1st Lt Todd Felix


MISSION: CAP’s missions are defined by our congressional charter: to serve our community, state, and nation through aerospace education, emergency services, and cadet programs. Although we are a composite squadron, our primary focus is our cadet program and most of our activities are focused on learning. All of our members benefit from the opportunity to develop skills, acquire knowledge, and practice behaviors that will benefit them as volunteer airmen and beyond. As a unit, then, our mission will be to carry out our congressional missions with an emphasis on preparing to serve.

            (1)  Preparing cadets for Military Service. A significant percentage of Civil Air Patrol cadets will enter the military. CAP gives them an opportunity to enter whatever branch of service they choose with a greater understanding of military life, familiarity with customs and courtesies, and exposure to military personnel and resources. By embracing the military way of conducting our squadron’s business, we better prepare those cadets who will choose the military path. I hope that those of you who have served in the Armed Forces will take the lead in sharing the fruits of your military experiences with our cadets.

            (2)  Preparing cadets to be Leaders in Society. Many cadets will not enter military life, choosing instead to enter the workforce, go to college or a trade school, or find some different avenue of service. CAP benefits them by exposing them to leaders in our society. We will utilize subject matter experts from inside and outside of Civil Air Patrol, invite accomplished guests to speak to our squadron, and participate in activities that allow us to partner with other volunteers. All squadron members should leverage their personal and professional networks to create opportunities and connections for our cadets.

            (3)  Providing cadets with skills and experiences that will benefit them in their lives. As an Emergency Services Officer, I focused on disaster preparedness because everyone can benefit from reviewing this topic. I ask all of our members to ask themselves, “what do I know that will benefit our cadets?” Our members include veterans, teachers, IT professionals, medical professionals, pastors, and government employees. Each of you has some skill or knowledge that can give our cadets a leg up. I challenge each of you to find creative and compelling ways to share your experience with the squadron.


Commander 1st Lt Todd Felix

Commander Felix joined Civil Air Patrol on 10 Feb 2003, achieved the rank of First Lieutenant on 19 Aug 2007, and was restored to that rank on 13 May 2020.  

Todd has served the Columbia Composite Squadron from February 2003 through 2010, and again from January 2019 to the present. For most of his time at Columbia Composite, he served as the Emergency Services Officer, facilitating Columbia’s participation in training, exercising, and participation in Oregon Wing missions.  

On 3 February of 2020, Todd was named as the Commander of Columbia Composite Squadron, a position he currently holds. He completed the Emergency Services Specialty Track, Technician Level on 19 Aug 2007. He has also completed the exam for the Emergency Services Specialty Track, Senior Level on 12 May 2020. He is currently enrolled in the Command Specialty Track and completed his Unit Commanders Course on 19 July, 2020. 

During Todd’s absence from CAP, he was developing his career in Emergency Management, holding the position of Emergency Manager for the City of Gresham.  

Todd is currently the Emergency Manager for NW Natural Gas, overseeing the company's Emergency Management and Business Continuity programs. He manages NW Natural’s Emergency Operations Center, coordinates their Incident Command Team, oversees their emergency planning efforts, and provides training and exercising for company employees.  

Todd lives in Beaverton with his wife, Kori Felix, and their son Hunter.


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